Raquel’s Trip to Tokyo

I have a lot to catch up on but let me show you some things I’ve done recently.

When Raquel came out to visit in October, we did a few cool things, but I had work and such and didn’t have a lot of time to hang out. Probably the best thing we did was go to this place called Kamakura which is this little beach town with a ton of shrines and temples. It’s a really popular tourist destination. It was really hot so I took my shirt off and people stared at me. Also there were big, scary, yellow and black spiders that caused me to scream so loud (like a girl) that my ribs contracted in pain for like a 5 whole seconds. Anyway here are some pictures.


Some Japanese model dude…should have gotten his autograph

IMG_1338 IMG_1343 IMG_1346 IMG_1353 IMG_1383 IMG_1399


Maaaaaaaam…. MEATLOAF

Hey Mom and Arch and other people. I made a blog that will have pictures and stuff of me doing stuff because I don’t think I will be coming home for a while :(. Sorry.